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No Animals Were Harmed During Any Recordings on Tarbeach


RELEASED SEPT 7TH TAR029: Fur Dixon “Dont Tread on Me” b/w “Are Your Good Times Really Over 4 Good” 7” 45rpm single.


Available in UK and Europe.


Buy ElectraJets album “Transatlantic Tales” on Vinyl here:

Buy ElectraJets “Transatlantic Tales” album on CD here:

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Find out about ElectraJets right here:


TAR026 VLP, FUR DIXON & WTFUKUSHIMA, highly acclaimed album “Return 2 Sender” coming soon.

TAR023 CDLP, Ty Murray classic album “Treefort” coming soon.


this is the vinyl store


Desperate Measures NZ - Executive Order. Reaction - Days of El Dorado. 7" 45rpm SOLID PINK Vinyl double AA side split single. TAR030 VAA.

The Carvels NYC - Life is Not A Waiting Room. 7” 45rpm SOLID BLUE MARBLE Vinyl 3 Track EP. TAR028 VEP.

Texas Mod Crushers - Papa Whiskey.The Cundeez - Ehm Feelin Teckle. 7" 45rpm TRANSLUCENT CLEAR vinyl double AA side split single. TAR025 VSAA.

GIFTSHOP - Despicable/Dontcha Know. 7" 45rpm TRANSLUCENT BLUE Vinyl Double A-Side single. TAR020 VSAA.

Jonzip - 19 Forevva.The Zips - Barbara Wire.7” 45rpm TRANSLUCENT GREEN vinyl double AA split single. TAR014 VSAA.

Reaction - Out of My Head/Crystallised Radio Warp Plan Mix. 7" 45rpm SOLID WHITE Vinyl single. TAR013 VS.

Heavy Drapes: Should I Suck or Should I Blow EP. 7” 33rpm TRANSLUCENT AMBER Vinyl EP. TAR010 VEP.

Reaction: Hey Patty Hearst. Heavy Drapes: Into The Blue. 7" 45rpm TRANSLUCENT RED Vinyl double AA split single. TAR007 VSAA.

this is the c.d. store

Reaction - Keep It Weird Keep It Wired. 12 track CDLP with download. TAR027 CDLP.

Pepper Kings - Pepper Kings.12 track CDLP with download. TAR024 CDLP.

Monkey Dont Care - The Pearl Necklace. 3 track CDEP with download. TAR022 CDEP.

The Pepper Kings - EP #1. 4 track CDEP with download. TAR021 CDEP.

The Bowery Boys - EP #1.5 track CDEP with download. TAR019 CDEP. 

Monkey Dont Care - I Hear What You're Saying.3 track CDEP with download. TAR018 CDEP.

Tarbeach 2017 Compilation. No Animals Were Harmed on Tarbeach Recordings. 19 track CDLP. All proceeds to be forwarded to Sonny Vincent's Family. TAR016 CDLP.

Jonzip - 19 Forevva. The Zips - Barbara Wire. CDEP PLUS 2 Extra tracks with download. TAR014 CDEP.

Reaction- Old School Rules EP.4 track CDEP with download. TAR012 CDEP.

Heavy Drapes: Should I Suck Or Should I Blow EP. 4 track CDEP with download. TAR010 CDEP.

Reaction - Accelerator.14 track CDLP with download. TAR005 CDLP.

electric fits - opposable thumbs. 10 track CDLP with download. TAR002 CDLP.

this is the digital download store

Reaction - Keep It Weird Keep It Wired. 12 track album download. TAR027 DDLP.

Pepper Kings - Pepper Kings. 12 track album download. TAR024 DDLP.

Tarbeach 2017 Compilation.19 track album download. TAR016 DDLP.

Reaction - Accelerator. 14 track album download.TAR005 DDLP.

electric fits - opposable thumbs. 10 track album download. TAR003 DDLP.

electric fits - Sonic Metamorphine b/w Being One. 2 track single download. TAR003 DDS.

please note: no firearms, explosives or offensive weapons are allowed in the store.

no animals were harmed during any recordings on tarbeach.

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Tarbeach Records Discography:

TAR002: Electric Fits: Opposable Thumbs. CD.

TAR003: Electric Fits: Sonic Metamorphine. DD.

TAR005: Reaction: Accelerator. CD.

TAR007: Reaction/Heavy Drapes: Hey Patty Hearst/Into The Blue. 7” Trans-Red Vinyl.

TAR009: ElectraJets: Transatlantic Tales. 12” Black Vinyl LP. CD.

TAR010: Heavy Drapes: Should I Suck or Should I Blow EP. 7” Trans Amber Vinyl. CD.

TAR012: Reaction: Old School Rules EP. CD.

TAR013: Reaction: Out Of My Head. 7” Solid White Vinyl.

TAR014: JonZip/The Zips: 19 Forevva/Barbara Wire. 7” Trans-Green Vinyl. CD w 2 extra tracks.

TAR016: Compilation 2017. CD.

TAR018: Monkey Don’t Care: I Hear What You’re Saying But I Just Don’t Care EP. CD

TAR019: The Bowery Boys: EP. CD

TAR020: GIFTSHOP: Despicable. 7” Trans-Blue Vinyl.

TAR021 The Pepper Kings: EP. CD.

TAR022: Monkey Don’t Care: The Pearl Necklace EP. CD.

TAR024: The Pepper Kings: LP. CD.

TAR025: The Cundeez/Texas Mod Crushers: Ehm Feelin Teckle/Papa Whiskey. 7” Trans-Clear Vinyl.

TAR027: Reaction: Keep It Weird Keep It Wired. 12” Black Vinyl.

TAR028: The Carvels NYC: Life is Not A Waiting Room EP. 7” Solid Blue Marble Vinyl.

TAR029: Fur Dixon: Don’t Tread On Me. 7” Black Vinyl.

TAR030: Desperate Measures/Reaction: Executive Order/Days Of El Dorado. 7” Solid Pink Vinyl.

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