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Tarbeach Records

Astoria NY. Independent Record Label

In memory of Garry Alexander Borland of Heavy Drapes.

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All previous releases still available in the tarbeach store.

No Animals Were Harmed During Any Recordings on Tarbeach


TAR027 VLP. Reaction: Keep It Weird Keep It Wired. 12” VINYL ALBUM PRE RELEASE PRE ORDER SOON

TAR029 VS, FUR DIXON, (of The Cramps) & WTFUKUSHIMA also formerly The Dixons, new 7” single Dont Tread On Me/ Are Your Good Times Really Over For Good, to be released this summer, in conjuction with…..

TAR026 VLP, FUR DIXON & WTFUKUSHIMA, highly acclaimed album Return to Sender released on vinyl this summer, stay tuned for more news soon….

TAR023 CDLP, Ty Murray classic album Treefort to be remastered and reissued through Tarbeach this summer.

ElectraJets album on schedule for release in the fall of this year too…….

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Tarbeach Store


TAR030 VS. Desperate Measures NZ "Executive Order" versus Reaction "Days of El Dorado". 7" PINK Vinyl 45rpm double AA side split single. Official Release: August 24th 2018. Available here with download included.

TAR028 VS. The Carvels NYC: Life is Not A Waiting Room, 3 track EP, featuring Scarcity, Life is Not A Waiting Room, I Fell in Love with a Dead Boy. Official release: January 1st 2019. Happy New Year. Available Here on 7” Blue Marble vinyl.

TAR027 CDLP. Reaction: Keep It Weird Keep It Wired. 12 brilliant new songs from Scotland on tarbeach records. Official Release: November 3rd 2018. Available here on CD with download included.

TAR027 Reaction Keep It Weird Keep it Wired Album Download Only Here:

TAR025 VS. Texas Mod Crushers "Papa Whiskey" versus The Cundeez "Ehm Feelin Teckle". 7" CLEAR vinyl 45rpm Double AA side split single. Official Release: April 2nd 2018. Available here with download included.

TAR024 CDLP. Pepper Kings self titled album "Pepper Kings".12 brilliant tracks from the off-kilter punk rock avant-gardists. Official Release: February 1st 2018. Available here on CD with download included.

TAR024 DD Pepper Kings Album Download Only Here:

TAR022: Monkey Dont Care: the Pearl Necklace 3 track CD EP. with download.

1: She Goes Her Own Way. 2: Slow But Sure Destruction. 3: Lids of My Eyes.

TAR021: The Pepper Kings: "EP #1" 4 track CD EP. with download.

1: Shave The Leg. 2: Hoot Owl. 3: Blimp Driver. 4: Otto's Tiki Bar.

TAR020: GIFTSHOP 7" Blue Vinyl Double A-Side 45rpm Single. "Despicable" & "Dontcha Know". with download.

TAR019: The Bowery Boys: "EP #1" 5 track EP. TAR019 CD EP. with download.

1: Till You Fall. 2: Nothing Special. 3: Crash & Burn. 4: Lets Go Get Lost. 5: Aint Got Time For You.

TAR018: Monkey Dont Care: "I Hear What You're Saying But I Just Dont Care" 3 track CDEP. with download.

1: Wilderness. 2: Biting My Nails. 3: After My Time.

TAR016: Tarbeach Compilation. "No Animals Were Harmed on Tarbeach Recordings". CD LP & Download. 

All proceeds to be forwarded to Sonny Vincent's Family.

Songs from: Reaction, Heavy Drapes, JonZip, B-Girls, Pepper Kings, The English Language, Texas Mod Crushers, Thee E-Fits, Joff Wilson, Joe Sztabnik, Cross Wires, The Puzzlers, Warped Plan, Get Set, Fram, Thirteen, Hateful, The Beautiful Fear, The Carvels NYC, PBR Streetgang.


TAR016 Tarbeach Compilation Download Only:

TAR014: Jonzip/The Zips- CD Version "19 Forevva/ Barbara Wire" with 2 hidden tracks & alternative cover.

TAR014: Jonzip/The Zips- 7" GREEN Vinyl Double A-side 45rpm "19 Forevva/ Barbara Wire" with download. 

TAR013 VS. Reaction "Out of My Head"/"Crystallised Radio Warp Plan Mix". 7" WHITE Vinyl 45rpm double AA side single. Official Release: March 1st 2018. Available here with download included.

TAR012: Reaction- "Old School Rules EP" 4 tracks, Out Of My Head, Street Fight parts 1 & 2. Crystallised Radio Warped Plan Dub Mix and a cover of External Menace classic Someday. CD with download.

TAR010: Heavy Drapes: Should I Suck Or Should I Blow (E.P) CD with Download included:

TAR010: Heavy Drapes: 7" Amber Vinyl Limited Edition. Should I Suck or Should I Blow EP. with download.

TAR007: Reaction/Heavy Drapes 7" Red Vinyl Limited Edition split single. Hey Patty Hearst/Into The Blue.

TAR005: Reaction - Accelerator (Album) CD LP.

TAR005 Reaction Accelerator Download only.

TAR002: electric fits - opposable thumbs (album). CDLP.

TAR002 Electric Fits Opposable Thumbs Download Only:

TAR003: Electric Fits - Sonic Metamorphine b/w Being One. (Single). DownLoad Only:

please note: no firearms, explosives or offensive weapons are allowed in the store.

no animals were harmed during any recordings on tarbeach.

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tarbeach songs



Thee E-Fits, Warped Plan, Mella Barnes, Reaction, Heavy Drapes, JonZip, The Zips, GIFTSHOP, Texas Mod Crushers, The Cundeez, Pepper Kings, Monkey Don't Care, Desperate Measures, Joff Wilson & The Bowery Boys, The Carvels NYC, B-Girls, Joe Sztabnik, The English Langauge, Cross Wires, Fram, The Puzzlers, Hateful, Thirteen, The Beautiful Fear, , Get Set .........ElectraJets, stay tuned……..

Radio and Airplay INFO:

Radio airplay for the tarbeach artists:

Danny Macs Testifying Time Radio Show, 9pm thru 11pm, Wednesday & Thursday onwww.villagefm.com ,a radio station out of Glasgow U.K.

DJ Rob Select, Rock n Soul on Little Water Radio NYC....

DJ Ed O'neill playing some great tunes outta Stockholm, Sweden.....

DJ Frank Nolti Nolte punk rock mainline on New Rose Radio outta Berlin, Deutschland.....

Support your local bands, bars, cafes, DJs, music venues, record stores, concert halls, buskers, hustlers n shakers and always remember to tip your server.........