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NEW RELEASE: Jonzip/The Zips- 7" GREEN Vinyl Double A-side 45 "19 Forevva/ Barbara Wire" March 2017. Limited Edition of 400 vinyl, includes Download. TAR014. Available Now:

NEW RELEASE: Jonzip/The Zips- CD Version "19 Forevva/ Barbara Wire" with 2 unanounced hidden tracks and alt cover CD Limited Edition, includes Download. TAR014CDEX. Available Now:

NEW RELEASE: Reaction- CD/Download "Old School Rules EP" available March 1st 2017. TAR012EP. featuring 4 new tracks, Out Of My Head, Street Fight parts 1 x 2. Crystallised Radio Warped Plan Dub Mix and a cover of External Menace classic Someday. A very limited edition, soon to be followed by the new single....Available Pre-Release NOW:      

Reaction/Heavy Drapes 7" Red Vinyl Limited Edition split single. Hey Patty Hearst/Into The Blue. tar007. Includes Download, Available here:

Heavy Drapes: 7" Amber Vinyl Limited Edition. Should I Suck or Should I Blow EP. tar010. Includes Download, Available here:


Reaction & Heavy Drapes Double Pack, (one of each of the limited edition colored vinyl tar007 & tar010). Includes Downloads, Available here:


JonZip/The Zips & Reaction & Heavy Drapes Vinyl Triple Pack ( one of each of the limited edition colored vinyl tar007 & tar010 & tar014).    Includes Downloads, Available here:

Upcoming Releases:

Reaction- 7" WHITE Vinyl 45 "Out of My Head/Crystallised Radio Warp Plan Mix. out on July 1st 2017.

Tarbeach Compilation. "No Animals Were Harmed on Tarbeach Recordings". CD & Download. Exclusive unreleased tracks, available from APRIL 2017, TAR 016. all proceeds to be forwarded to a very worthwhile cause. Including: Reaction, Heavy Drapes, JonZip/The Zips, Pepper Kings, The English Language, Texas Mod Crushers, Thee E-Fits, Joff Wilson, B Girls, Joe Sztabnik, Cross Wires, The Puzzlers, Warped Plan, Get Set, Fram, Thirteen, Hateful, Matthew Bannister, The Carvels USA, and maybe more..... 

Check out each of the bands pages within the site, for reviews, shows, info, background checks, favorite bars and kebab shops etc

Lots of radio airplay for the tarbeach artists on Danny Macs Testifying Time Radio Show, 9pm thru 11pm, Wednesday & Thursday on www.villagefm.com ,a radio station out of Glasgow U.K, the show is a mix of great new bands/songs, legendary albums, artists, gig news & interviews!

Check out DJ Rob Select, Rock n Soul on Little Water Radio NYC....

Check out DJ Ed O'neill playing some great tunes outta Stockholm, Sweden.....

Check out DJ Frank Nolti Nolte punk rock mainline on New Rose Radio outta Berlin, Deutschland.....

Support your local bands, bars, cafes, DJs, music venues, record stores, concert halls, buskers, hustlers n shakers and always remember to tip your server.........

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Tarbeach Store

please note: no firearms, explosives or offensive weapons are allowed in the store.

no animals were harmed during any recordings on tarbeach.



TAR010: Heavy Drapes: Should I Suck Or Should I Blow (E.P) CD with Download included:

TAR005: Reaction - Accelerator (Album) CD with Download Included:

Download only.

TAR002: electric fits - opposable thumbs (album). CD with Download Included:

Download Only:

TAR003: Electric Fits - Sonic Metamorphine b/w Being One. (Single). DownLoad Only:



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Reaction, Heavy Drapes, Thee E-Fits, JonZip/The Zips, Joff Wilson, The English Langauge, Texas Mod Crushers, Cross Wires, Fram, The Pepper Kings, Monkey Dont Care, The Puzzlers, Hateful, Thirteen, The Carvels, B-Girls, Joe Sb,