ElectraJets is a New York City based band, formed in 2015, that brings together Jeff Ward (songwriter, author and former Gunfire Dance guitarist), Cynthia Ross (The ‘B’ Girls and New York Junk bass player and songwriter), and drummer Dahm Majuri Cipolla (Phantom Family Halo songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, and Mono percussionist).

ElectraJets first LP “Transatlantic Tales” on TARBEACH RECORDS is produced by Jeff Ward and recorded by Martin Bisi at BC Studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

It’s T-Rex meets Beefheart meets the Dolls meets Abbie Hoffman, with guest performances by one of Thee Hypnotics compositional geniuses, Ray ‘Sonic’ Hanson, guitar-lickin’, Lower East Side saxophone legend Danny Ray blowin’, and Sarah Amina adding colour and emotion to the mix with her violin.



More About ElectraJets:

Jeff Ward, ElectraJets guitarist and singer, is a published author with three novels to his credit. 'ElectraJet' (singular) had been the umbrella name for Ward's numerous home-recording experiments, using a vintage 8-track analogue recorder. A fanzine reviewer labelled them as 'lo-fi hurdy gurdy music'. Jeff is currently writing his first non-fiction book about Tawana Brawley.

Cynthia Ross, ElectraJets bass player (of ‘B’ Girls and New York Junk fame), heard echoes of the Small Faces and Kevin Ayers in Jeff's music, and building on these elements she and her Gibson bass drove the band towards a heavier, early 70's proto-punk vibe, thus creating the live act known as ElectraJets. Cynthia is currently writing a memoir.

Dahm Majuri Cipolla, ElectraJets long time drummer, is the main man in Phantom Family Halo; singer, guitarist, and percussionist. After Lydia Lunch fell for 'Phantom', she employed them as her backing band for a spell, and recorded an album together. Dahm is currently a member of Japanese instrumental band ‘Mono”. Plus our press:

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Their debut LP Transatlantic Tales on TARBEACH RECORDS, while experimental in nature, has garnered praise from the most diehard trash ‘n’ rollers with Veglam declaring:

“ElectraJets Make Absolutely Epic Psychedelic Glam Masterpiece!” - veglam.com 

Full Veglam review:



“It's a rocket through time and space, pulsating with an irresistible beat and likely to appeal to fans of Detroit protest music, Julian Cope's Black Sheep and "Cut The Crap" busking. There's something here for fans of Pretty Things or Blue Cheer, so beautiful it hurts Love & Rockets-style nocturnal pop, '60s prog, '70s glitter, Marc Bolan, Bowie and the Stones.”  - i94bar.com

Full i94bar review and interview with Jeff Ward:


Dave Cromwell writes:


Catch ElectraJets Transatlantic Tales live, on both sides of the Atlantic this fall. 

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Transatlantic Tales

by ElectraJets